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We Believe in Excellent Auto Care and We Back it With a Warranty!

Excellent Auto Care & Tire Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty: Excellent Auto Care and Tire (EAC) Warrants the parts and labor provided by EAC, on all repairs for a period of 24 months or 24,000 miles after the date of repairs, unless otherwise noted on the front of this service order. During this period EAC will or repair or replace, at our option, any defective part supplied and installed by EAC.

Limited lifetime Brake Pad or / Brake Shoe replacement: If noted on the front of this service order a Limited lifetime replacement warranty of Brake Pads or / Brake Shoes will apply. This designation provides the purchaser to Free Brake Pads or / Shoes (equivalent quality) to replace the Brake Pads or / Brake Shoes when the friction material measures less than 3mm. This warranty does not cover installation, other brake parts or labor that may be required to make the brake system safe, and meet the original manufacturer's specifications. All other parts and labor, provided by EAC are covered by the EAC Limited Warranty.

How to obtain Warranty service: You must present the original Repair invoice as proof of date, mileage, and service performed. If you are unable to bring the vehicle to EAC, you must notify us prior to authorizing any diagnosis or repair. We will at our option make arrangements to bring your vehicle to EAC, have warranty repairs done at a mutually agreed on repair facility, or refund the amount of the repair in question. Except as specified in this document, no other parts or labor are warranted and are limited to the vehicle on this repair invoice, and to the owner as of the time of service.

What is not covered by EAC Warranty: Parts provided to EAC from any source other than EAC and installed by EAC; reimbursement for parts or labor provided by others; Towing, rental car, car fare, inconvenience, loss of time or use of the vehicle. All refunds will be at the absolute discretion of EAC and in all cases shall be a full and final settlement.

Exclusions from coverage of EAC warranty: All warranties expressed or implied only apply to passenger cars, light trucks up to 1 ton. Repairs of vehicles used for commercial purposes, off road use, racing, overloaded, or operated in a way not conforming to the original manufacturers intended use are not warranted. Repairs performed on vehicles involved in collisions or impacts that cause wheel Alignment or other components to fail or become misaligned. All aspects of the EAC warranty are VOID if any repairs (parts and, or labor) are performed by any person or repair facility other than EAC, unless prior authorization has been given in writing by EAC management.

Rev. 4/1/2012